About Us

Who we are

Eticpress was founded in 1990 by the Serina family in Carpenedolo in Brescia, Italy. One of the founders, who had professional experience in sheet-fed printing, came up with the idea of creating a company to manufacture and market self-adhesive labels on reels. The enthusiasm of the initial years was soon rewarded with the satisfaction of achieving excellent sales results which, in turn, boosted optimism in the promising potential for the sector. Today, we approach our daily work with the same commitment and are proud to state that the numbers show that so far we have taken the right direction. Every day, we are ready to support customers in the industrialization of their new projects, offering tailor-made solutions that can meet the countless needs of an ever-changing market.

who we are


mission aziendale

Company mission

To create “made-to-measure” labels for our customers and provide them with an uncompromising, all-round service from design to delivery! To consistently invest in new technology to manufacture according to the criteria of environmental sustainability, fostering an ethically correct company growth. To place value in employees and reward commitment to constantly improve quality.


What we do

The most advanced printing techniques available on the market are used in the company. The printing department has a production potential consisting of the following equipment, namely:

  • 6 rotary lines for Flexigraphic printing with 4 to 10 colours
  • rotary line for letterpress printing
  • 1 semi-rotary line for offset/screen printing with 5 colours
  • 2 flat lines for screen printing/hot foil
  • 1 HP photoelectric digital line
  • 1 HYBRID DOMINO INKJET digital line