F1T3 System Label


What is the F1T3 system?

The F1T3 system is the ideal solution for printing ingredient lists in various languages on small packages. It is both inexpensive and functional, enabling you to triple the package’s printable area by utilizing special self-adhesive labels which may be detached, looked at and repositioned time anytime again. This method was conceived for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products, where much information must be printed in a small area, for example the 12 European languages required by law.

Why choose the F1T3 system?

  • it is inexpensive and strategic: it guarantees notable cost reduction, an increase in operational flexibility and response time compared to non-programmed orders.
  • it is complete: it includes labels + boxes + automatic labeling machines.
  • it is reliable: just 1 contact person for 3 Italian producers, specializing in production geared to the cosmetic/pharmaceutical fields (a label manufacturing company with a wealth of experience, a prestigious packaging company and a producer of industrial labeling machines present throughout Europe).
  • it is tried and tested: it has been used for 2 years by one of the main multinational producers of hair dyes.
  • it is guaranteed: all the pieces are internally produced by the company..
  • it is exclusive: patent.

How is it born?

The creation of a mono-label printed front and back applied on the underlying text of the box and re-liftable without damaging the two texts in contact with the adhesive, was created to obviate the use of endless multi-page instructions. The realization involved the entire production chain.